Welcome to the REAL Path of Light & Love!

90 Day Awakening & Empowerment Program

Make REAL progress in your Spiritual Journey with an Integrated approach: Yoga & Meditation; 9 Module Online Course, and Holistic Life Coaching

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12 Month Yoga Teacher Certification Program

Deepen your understanding of Yoga as it was meant to be; and gain the confidence, knowledge and skills to Create a successful career teaching Yoga and helping others

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Day of Mindfulness!

Friday, May 21

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Hi! I'm Sarah...

I help women who are sick and tired of struggling to balance work and family responsibilities to bring their Spirit, mind and body to a place of Positive Balance so they can find inner Peace, Joy & Love and inspire others to do the same!

Welcome to THE REAL Path of Light & Love! 

Sarah Ceo
Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher
Holistic Life Coach
Certified Yoga Teacher



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