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"How to Create a Sustainable Mindfulness Practice" 😇


January 25-29 

2pm MT/ 4pm ET


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Calm your racing mind!


  • Reduce Stress 
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Do you want to bring more balance to your Spirit, Mind and Body?

- Maybe you don't know where to start?


- Or maybe you have tried Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Reiki, Breathing techniques and all sorts of things?


- They work for a while, but then "life gets in the way" and you stop practicing.


- Every now and then you try again... different teachers, different modalities, different times of the day!


- Sometimes, you find something that works! And then it Stops working?!?! And you don't know why!


🤔 WHY? Why is it that it is not easy to sustain your Mindfulness practice despite your sincere desire?


I understand...  I really do... Over the last 20 years I have tried it all myself!


During this 5 day challenge I will explain WHY this happens and give you PRACTICAL GUIDANCE to apply on a daily basis so you can FINALLY create and Sustain a Mindfulness Practice for YOUR Specific Needs.



FREE 5 Day Challenge!


Imagine This...


- Find a mindfulness practice that works specifically for YOU! 🙏


- It is systematic and enjoyable! 


- You don't have to 'make yourself' practice because you absolutely LOVE it! 💚


- You easily find time to practice and you look forward to it every day! 😇


- You don't even feel guilty you are taking time for yourself!



FREE 5 Day Challenge!

Hi! I'm Sarah...


I am a Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic Life Coach & Yoga Teacher  


Please allow me to share with you why I'm different from other Spiritual Teachers...  


✅ I have been practicing for 20 years and teaching professionally for 10 years.  This is not my hobby.  This is my successful career! 


✅ I have done over 12 years of intense personal healing and monastery style training and studies to become a Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic Life Coach and Advanced Yoga Teacher.


✅ I have gone through a complete complete process of transformation, awakening, growth, and transcendence to become the Teacher I am today.


I’ve taken action, and let go of many people, places, and things that no longer served me.


💜 Now I lead my students with confidence and fearlessness, because I’ve done the work myself.💜


I have built the skills that are actually required to help others for REAL!


🌈 I WALK the Path I Teach… 


I am a real deal, no-nonsense, no sugar-coating, no ego-boosting, direct, kind, patient, and insightful Spiritual Teacher.


✅ That is how I know this will work! Because...


❌ I KNOW there is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL!. I have studied multiple Yoga Lineages, Meditation Techniques, and the Human Energy System and how REAL Spiritual Healing works.


‼️ I use all of this experience, my intuition and YOUR feedback to help YOU decide what the right practice is for YOU ‼️ 


🌈 I approach Spirituality in a very PRACTICAL way!


✅ I will give you specific guidance to direct you to exactly what you need to be doing to improve Spiritually, shift, move away from fear and towards Light & Love…



IF YOU are ready to step forward and create a REAL Sustainable and Profound Change in YOUR Spiritual Life...  Look no further!


You will feel Supported by me EVERY step of The Way 🌈



FREE 5 Day Challenge!



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Learn how to create a Mindfulness practice for YOUR specific needs!


You will walk away with a customized road map for creating a sustainable mindfulness practice that works specifically for YOU. 


This is not a pitch in disguise. Yes, at the end of the Challenge, I will offer you an opportunity to work together, but it is always YOUR choice if we work together or not.   


Why not try?


Take advantage of this FREE challenge and sign-up today!


I promise you this...


At the end of this 5 Day Challenge you will walk away with a Deep Understanding of what is holding you back from creating a sustainable mindfulness practice and a road map that allows you to find the right practice to help you positively balance your Spirit, Mind & Body! 



FREE 5 Day Challenge!