90 Day Awakening & Empowerment Program!


Empowering YOU to Awaken the Power of your Soul and find REAL fulfillment in Life!


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Reduce Inner conflict and Doubt...


- Learn to Calm your racing Mind and manage your Energy and Emotions!


- Learn to Trust your Intuition and Make Confident Choices


- Understand how you Unconsciously Create your Reality and Sabotage your progress


Gain Clarity and learn to follow your inner guidance fearlessly...


- Be more aligned with what your Spirit wants and not what your mind THINKS it wants!  


- Re-connect with your TRUE Self and learn to follow your inner guidance even if it makes "no sense"


Make a Difference in the world and Serve in your own Unique Way!


Live in a way that honors your Spirit in every single choice you make!

- Stop searching and going from one Spiritual Teacher to another without a cohesive approach
- FINALLY get to the root cause of the inner conflict between what your Spirit want and what your mind thinks
- Create a Profound 
Transformational Shift in your Life and Walk the Path of Light & Love for REAL!
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If you want more Light, Love & Contentment in your Life...

If you have everything you THOUGHT  you wanted, but are still stressed or unfulfilled... And you don't know WHY!
Wanting more but unaware of your options or how to make the change you need...
Awake and Searching for years... but still not found what you are looking for...
If you have tried different Teachers and modalities of Mindfulness or Spirituality, but you feel they are a little "out there" and not very practical or sustainable!
Some of the things you have tried have brought temporary relief, but you can't sustain it and sooner or later, the craving for more just comes back!
Doubting yourself... Held back by a job or unhealthy relationships you’ve outgrown...
It’s natural to feel confused and conflicted... 
You know there's something more, but you don't know how to claim it or what’s been holding you back from releasing your true potential!
There is a part of yourself that wants more but you don't know exactly what it is or how to access it...   
You know is that there is a subtle but very REAL internal conflict you’re feeling...
And you can't figure out WHY the inner conflict is there or what do to to resolve it?
And your mind never stops!
The truth is, you can have it all and still feel empty, confused, and anxious because it seems like there’s always something holding you back from what your soul really wants. 
These are all symptoms of YOUR Spirit calling out for more!
IF you choose to learn from the crisis and embrace what your Spirit is calling for... You CAN come out empowered and centered!
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"Sarah has a wonderful ability to work with students of all levels and give each one what they need. Not only is she a wonderful Yoga teacher, but she is a spiritual inspiration."

- Katy D.

I will show you how to transform your inner conflict and struggle into a Spiritual Awakening...

All Energies are useful...  Even negative experiences and suffering can lead to a new horizon if you are truly ready to create a transformational shift in your life!

Practice without understanding will only get you so far...  
Understanding without practice will only get you so far...



The Path of Spiritual Awakening can be filled with interesting twists and turns... 

To create a sustainable shift, You will need 3 things:


#1. A Mindfulness Practice for YOUR specific needs


#2. A Spiritual Teacher who Really Walks the Path! 
#3. A Community  to support you in this  Journey of Awakening!





"Sarah's method of instruction is client-focused, thorough, sensitive, and carefully thought through. She is a consummate professional who can be trusted to deliver the very best!"

- Devi N.



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This 90 Day Spiritual Awakening & Empowerment Program


Provides ALL 3 of these things through an integrated approach of...


- Holistic Life Coaching Sessions with Sarah 


- Nine (9) Week Online Course 


- Practical Book discussions 


- Weekly LIVE Group Yoga & Meditation Classes with Q & A Sessions


- Full Online Library of  Self-Guided Courses, Classes, Meditations & Resources


- Direct Access to Sarah via Voxer for 90 Days!


 Plus much more!


Learn to Walk The Path of Love & Light REAL by immersing yourself in this Amazing Program!

I know you’ve walked the walk!

You've done a lot of inner work too.
But it has been on the physical, mental and emotional level...
Now it’s time to clear the deepest blocks and wounds at a deeper level and experience the profound transformation you have been looking for! 
These energy and mental blocks are affecting your life in ways you may not be aware!
I see it all the time with my clients:
When they release grief and energy blocks caused by conscious and unconscious trauma stuck from decades past, they’re able to accomplish their deepest desires, whether it's to heal an intimate relationship or get a business off the ground. 
Only YOU can remove these energy blocks...


... but I can teach you HOW in a very Empowering and Enlightening way!


All your heart’s desires fall into your lap when you make healing & spiritual growth a your priority!

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"This program is truly for everybody. If you've ever had any desire to find yourself and live a better happier life, do yourself a favor and check this out. You will be glad you did."

- Gina K.



Find REAL Empowerment and Fulfillment in Life by Reconnecting with your Spirit!


You are on this Earth to heal, manifest, awaken, grow spiritually, create and serve.... 

To go within and discover the path your spirit wants you to take to be at peace and thrive!

We go deep into the root cause of what your Spirit is trying to heal so you can remove blocks that have held you back for a long time!
Become the master of your destiny and share your gifts with others!
Follow the calling of your Spirit and step forward now to Create a life you truly LOVE!

Learn how to identify with the flow of pure energy! 

Instead of walking around with tension and anxiety, walk around feeling love, openness, beauty and gratitude!
This is how Spirit feels...


Spirit always feels good, open and light!


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"By holding sacred space and sharing deep wisdom, Sarah guides her students in creating a consistent Mindfulness practice, rooted in intention, with unconditional love and acceptance of themselves. Sarah energetically pulls her students up to work at a higher vibrational frequency as they learn, and practice"

- Lyzzette G.




I'm Sarah...

I empower people on a Spiritual Path to Heal form Within and Awaken the Power of their Soul!
I will help you resolve the inner conflicts between what your mind wants and what your Spirit wants.
Learn how to re-unite your Spirit, Mind and Body so you can remember the Path to Unconditional Love & Compassion and serve the world in the way you are meant to serve.


Sarah Ceo

Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher
Holistic Life Coach
Certified Yoga Teacher

People come to me when they've tried everything else and need to make a powerful switch from the inside out....


Your spirit wants to heal and projects the lessons you need to learn onto your day to day experience.  
You are either manifesting consciously or unconsciously.
And sometimes, what you THINK you want is NOT what your Soul is REALLY calling for!

If you are skeptical about another coach or Spiritual guide, I get it. 


I tried many myself. I’ve even got 5 different Yoga Teacher Training Certificates to show for it. 
Yet, no one was really able to understand and help me at a deep level, because they were working at the physical or mental level.  Plus they had not gone deep within themselves so they could only try to help me at a superficial level... Until one day I found someone who could help me for REAL!


Since then, I have done over 12 years of intense personal healing and monastery style training and studies to become a Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic Life Coach and Advanced Yoga Teacher.

I have gone through a complete complete process of transformation, awakening, growth, and transcendence to become the Teacher I am today!


I’ve taken action, and let go of many people, places, and things that no longer served me.

Now I lead my clients with confidence and fearlessness, because I’ve done the work myself.


I’m really good at taking you to the depths of yourself to understand what is really holding you back... so you get a new paradigm of understanding, and deep love compassion with yourself, your experiences and those around you.
Plus I empower you to take action and responsibility for your own inner healing in a very real and practical way.
I lead by example.
I walk the Path I Teach for REAL each and every day! 

I approach Spiritual growth in a VERY REAL and PRACTICAL WAY and Teach you how to use your Conscious awareness to create REAL, Sustainable Changes in your Daily Life....


You can go all around the World looking for the most Enlightened Spiritual Teachers and have very wonderful "Spiritual" experiences, and still be completely lost and unable to apply what you have "Realized" in your daily life!


TRUE Progress in your Spiritual Path IS NOT measured by Ecstatic Experiences...


It is measured by THE WAY you LIVE your life and the choices you make EVERY Single Day... 


It is measured by the Amount of INNER Peace and Contentment you have on a DAILY basis and how you share this Wisdom and use it to bring Peace to those around you!


EVERY SINGLE Thought, Word, Choice, Action, re-Action, and EVERYTHING you do in your Life MUST be a Conscious, Awake Choice that FULLY Honors your Spirit... 

If you are not doing this, you are NOT really living a Spiritual Life... 

And THIS is WHY you are experiencing the inner conflict and lack of fulfillment you are experiencing even though you have everything you thought you wanted, and have Searched for so long...

THIS is what I will Teach you to do:
To put your Spiritual Awareness into practice in a very REAL way to finally LIVE your "Dharma":




pronounced: /ˈdärmə/

Dharma is a yogic concept that refers to a law or principle which governs the universe. For an individual to live out their dharma is for them to act in accordance with this law. Dharma is considered to be one of the three jewels  alongside Community and a Teacher that together pave the path to enlightenment.


"Sarah truly practices what she preaches – she is the “real deal.” She embodies the qualities of a teacher in the truest sense of the word and leads by her own example."

- Anya K.



I choose to have a small healing and wellness practice that nurtures me as I continue to heal, transform, grow, stay awake, and cultivate improved levels of my own Spiritual Growth through selfless service and devotion to a Divine power greater than myself.  To me, my work and practice is much more than a business.

I’m most concerned with the quality of my work, because not only do I want the very best for my clients, but my personal Spiritual Vibration depends on the quality of work I do and how I work with my clients!  
Because of this, I work with the utmost honesty, integrity and dedication so my students achieve the higher levels of awareness that bring them TRUE and Sustainable peace, love, light, contentment and fulfillment into their lives…

Therefore, I only invite a few new clients a month to work with me. 

A person can not give what they do not have... I have worked consistently for many years to become the teacher I am today... 
It is from this place of Unconditional Love and Compassion that I can give fully and completely to ALL my students.  


If you are looking for someone to validate your excuses, I am NOT the right teacher for you.  I am here to help you shift to a whole new level of independence, confidence, responsibility and accountability for Creating and Manifesting the Life you Desire!


This program is for Women who have maybe tried lots of practices and teachers in the past without getting the results they wanted.   


This program is for Women who are sick and tired struggling and are sincerely ready, willing and able to "Do the Work" and take their Life to a whole new level of Freedom, Joy and Inner Peace.


If you are looking for a true, direct, NO non-sense, loving, patient and kind Spiritual Teacher, who can teach you THE Way for REAL...
Look no further...
I can not promise it will be easy... It might even be challenging and uncomfortable at times, but the work I will help you do WILL bring you True, REAL and Sustainable Inner peace!
Book your Free Awakening call today...
You will receive more than you EVER imagined!  
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"Sarah has integrity in everything she does... She holds the space for learning, growing and transformation, all one needs to do is step in with the same intention."
- Jennifer G.


90 Day Awakening

& Empowerment Program

Awaken to your True Purpose!
All your heart’s desires fall into your lap when 
you make Healing & Spiritual Growth your Priority...
Heal Your Past & Follow Your Heart to Manifest the Life You Desire
Make Confident Choices Aligned your Passion and Purpose
Trust Your Intuition and take Inspired Leaps of Faith
Gain a deep understanding of how you’re creating your reality 

- Serve and Make a Difference as you Walk Your Path of Love & Light
- Let your Soul Guide You to make changes that bring you lasting, profound and sustainable Inner Peace and Healing!
During this course I will guide you to the next level of Spiritual awakening, clarity and purpose by helping you find the part of yourself that is ready to heal, get unstuck, leave your old energy blocks, and mind created obstacles behind, and CREATE a life you truly LOVE!
Learn how to identify with the flow of pure energy!

Instead of walking around with tension and anxiety, walk around feeling love, openness, beauty and gratitude.
This is how Spirit feels...

Spirit always feels good, open and light!
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During your Free Awakening Call,  I will be glad to give you some personalized guidance and resources to start a practice based on YOUR Specific needs.  This would help you get started and have a customized road map for creating a Sustainable Mindfulness practice.


WHY offer this for FREE?  Because  I am a Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher and Holistic Life Coach and there is a good possibility I can help...  And IF you find value in what I give you, you might want to work with me.


With that said, please understand I am NOT offering a pitch in disguise. I promise not to pressure you or pester you in any way at all!  


Please know that I am a direct, no-nonsense, disciplined, serious, kind & patient, and insightful Spiritual Teacher with over 20 years of experience.


Therefore, I ONLY work with Humans on a Spiritual Path who choose to make their Spirit, Mind & Body a PRIORITY in their lives.  Please only book this call if you sincerely feel you are ready to take the next step towards YOUR personal and Spiritual inner healing.  


The Teacher opens the door, but you enter by Yourself...

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