Rising with Purpose!

12-Month Life Mastery Program!


Thanks for your interest in continuing to study with me.


Please note this program is ONLY available to students who have:


- Completed the 90 Day Awakening & Empowerment Program


- Are currently enrolled or have completed the 9-month Yoga Teacher Certification Program


- Have participated in private 1-1 Yoga Classes and/or received Reiki Treatments and Holistic Life Coaching  for at least 3 months


IF you meet the requirements above...

Congratulations on your progress so far!


Whenever one of us chooses to more away from fear and towards Love & Light, we inspire those around us to do the same...


THIS is how we change world for REAL!


Are you wondering what happens next?


  • Would you like to learn how to share what you have been blessed to learned with others?


  • Now that you have discovered your TRUE purpose in Life, would you like support fulfilling it?


  • Are you wondering how can you use the knowledge and empowerment you have gained to serve the world in your own unique way?


  • Would you like to bring this new found awakened consciousness to your daily life at home and at work and share it with others productively?


  • Are you ready to continue to expand in Light & Love as you inspire others to do the same?


I would love to support you in this magical journey of self-discovery and self-mastery.


As you know, I have been practicing for 20 years, teaching for 10 and studied with the same Spiritual Teacher for over 12 years.  So I know first-hand the importance of having support along the way to overcome the obstacles that will inevitably come up as you continue on your Spiritual journey.


This is why I created this long-term container of support that is designed to take your Spiritual practice to the Next Level...



During this 12-Month Life Mastery Program: Rising with Purpose you will learn how to:


  • Create a Sustainable, Unshakable, Transformational shift that will become the Foundation for your Spiritual Growth for the rest of your Life!


  • Gain clarity and deep understanding on how to navigate Life with Mastery and Wisdom no matter what experiences come your way


  • Stay deeply connected to the Source of Universal Life Force Energy so you can always make decisions from a place of Unconditional Love and respect for yourself and others


  • Create a Life that is fully Aligned with your Soul’s purpose and allows you to Serve the world in your own unique way.


  • Get support, coaching and guidance if you choose to Create a successful and profitable Soul Aligned career!


  • Learn how to navigate all your relationships at home and at work with Mastery so that every interaction you have becomes an opportunity for growth and Enlightenment


  • Gain the skills you need to share what you have learned as you continue to expand in Love & Light and inspire others to do the same


  • Learn to Love yourself Unconditionally for REAL so that every thought, word and action is aligned with your Soul so you never experience Inner Conflict or Doubt ever again!


  • Become your own Guide and Teacher as you learn to Trust your Intuition and live fearlessly for the rest of your Life!



How will the program work?


  • Group Weekly Holistic Life Coaching Sessions - In addition to getting the support you need on a weekly basis, this group format will also give you the opportunity to gain the skills you need to share what you have learned with others in a productive way


  • Private Holistic Life Coaching Sessions – This will give you the opportunity to shift your paradigm of understanding and go deeper into the root cause of any blocks that might be preventing you from living your full potential


  • Access to ALL Group weekly Yoga & Meditation Classes so you can improve, nurture and deepen your practice under the consistent guidance of experienced Teachers


  • Full Online Library of Courses, Classes, Meditations & Resources so you can practice and listen to our recorded classes anytime, anywhere!


  • Private Students only and Facebook Group! 


  • Direct access to me via Voxer for an entire Year!




Are you ready to Transform your Life and Continue to Expand in Love & Light?


Please book a call below for more details and payment plan options...

Sending you Love & Light!


Sarah Ceo

Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher
Holistic Life Coach & Yoga Teacher   
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